Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthright by Nora Roberts

     What happens when you discover your world is built on a lie?  When you are Callie Dunbrook, a respected archaeologist, you begin to peel back the layers of your life and dig for the truth.  After all, it is every one's Birthright to know their true beginnings, isn't it?
     In Callie's search, some of those layers are very sensitive to some people and Callie discovers that the truth may kill her.  However, her ex-husband, Jake Graystone, also an archaeologist, is just as determined to find the truth and to keep Callie alive.  As they excavate a 5000 year-old site at Antietam Creek, they also excavate the mystery of Callie's past.
     Roberts always gives us a many layered story and Birthright (c2003) is no exception.  The characters are well developed and the plot is well planned.  A fascinating read.  

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