Friday, November 12, 2010

Troubleshooter Series by Suzanne Brockmann

     Navy SEAL, Sam Starrett, arrives in Florida to get his ex-wife's signature on the divorce papers and to see his baby daughter for the first time in six months.  What he finds is his baby missing and his ex-wife dead.  Or, is she?  Has some one Gone To Far?
     Alyssa Locke, FBI, arrives on the scene determined to take Sam in for questioning - after all isn't the ex-husband always looked at first as the perp - and to keep her heart firmly locked against him less he break it again.
     Nothing, however, is straight forward and Sam and Alyssa finally team up to find the baby and the answers to a terrorist plot to kill the President of the United States.
     Brockman introduces a full cast of intriguing, well-defined characters, many of whom appeared in earlier books or get a book of their own later. 
     Don't miss Brockmann.  She is definitely worth reading.

     Gone to Far was the first Troubleshooters book I read, but it isn't the first in the series.  I went back and read the first ones and then read the next books in order. I enjoyed them all.  There is always plenty of action and the plots are not readily apparent.  Are they true to life?  Maybe.  It could happen, but these are fiction and I want my fiction to be larger than life. 

     Here are reviews on two more Troubleshooters.

     Max Bhagat's first assignment with the FBI was as a hostage negotiator. On one of his first jobs he stepped out wearing only his shorts to negotiate the situation.  From there, Max grew into a FBI leader of an elite counter terrorism unit. He is always on the job, leads by example, always at the front of his team and never lets up on himself.
     Gina Vitaglino enters his life when she is taken as a hostage and Max is called to the scene as a negotiator.  She steals his heart, but his job is his life until Gina is reported dead in a terrorist attack in Germany.  Max meets his Breaking Point when he goes to identify her body and then discovers it isn't
Gina. . . but where is she?  He follows her trail to Indonesia where she and her friend Molly are the bait in a trap set for an ex-Special Forces operator turned smuggler.
     The smuggler, Jones, plus Max and Max's best agent, Jules, make an unlikely team to free Gina, Molly, and, ultimately, themselves.
     Non-stop action and well developed characters with a true-to-life plot.  A great read!

     Troubleshooters,Inc. and the SEALS have joined forces for a training mission.  The first mission worked so well, they have set up a second one in winter-bound New Hampshire.  In New Hampshire, however, the hostage goes missing and Troubleshooter Lindsey Fontaine and SEAL Mark Jenkins have a very small window in time to find her.
     Battling the worst winter storm in decades and the worst serial killer ever, Lindsey and Mark go Into the Storm to accomplish their mission.  They return with much more than just a hostage.

Suz's Troubleshooter Series (in order):

The Unsung Hero (2000)
The Defiant Hero    (2001)
Over the Edge   (2001)
Out of Control (2002)
Into the Night   (2002)
Gone to Far (2003)
Flashpoint   (2004)
Hot Target   (2004)
Breaking Point   (2005)
Into the Storm   (2006)
Force of Nature   (2007)
All Through the Night   (2007)
Into the Fire   (2008)
Dark of Night   (2009)
Hot Pursuit   (2009)
Breaking the Rules   (2011)


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