Saturday, November 6, 2010

Regency Romance by Mary Balogh

     I found Mary Balogh when I read A Summer To Remember (c2003).  I went on to read as many of her books as I could find.  At that point, I didn't find many so I left her for another.  Recently, at the library, I found she has been very busy.  I picked up A Secret Affair (c2010)  and remembered why I liked her so much.  Besides all the standards of a good romance - beautiful lady, handsome man, etc. - she almost always adds a little extra something to the plot.  In A Secret Affair she has made the leading man miss being a member of the ton by the mere fact of his birth being two days before his father (an earl) married his mother.  It seems this does not  bother Con too much and it makes it possible for him to find a passion to which he devotes his life and to keep that passion a secret.  There are really two secret affairs in this book and neither of them is the affair between Con and Hannah.
     After I read A Secret Affair, I discovered it was the fifth book in a five book series!  Again, because I like to see how an author allows characters to grow and evolve, I wish I had found the books in order.  In the first book, it seems that Con is a blackguard and a scroundrel.  As the books progress, Balogh uncovers Con a layer at a time.  Because of this quirk of mine to see growth in characters, I have listed the series below in order for you.  At this point I have read most of them and I can assure you that the characters do take on insight and maturity as the series progresses. Each romance is different just as each couple is different. 
     If you have read Mary Balogh before, this series will not disappoint you.  It is also nice to think that there were a few noblemen and women who were truly noble.

The Huxtable Quintet

First Comes Marriage  (c2009)
Then Comes Seduction  (c2009)
At Last Comes Love  (c2009)
Seducing an Angel  (c2010)
A Secret Affair   (c2010)

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