Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice by Linda Howard

     I truly don't know which Linda Howard book was the first one I read.  Even looking back over her lengthy list, I can't pinpoint it.  I do know that whenever I see a new title from her, I rush to pick it up and I don't put it down till the story ends.  And this was equally true with Ice.
     This book deals with just two kinds of ice - the one that falls from the sky and the one that is cooked up in illegal, unmarked labs all over our country.
     Lolly has been targeted by a couple of meth addicts simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They spot her and follow her to her family's isolated house in the wooded mountains of Maine. Lolly has come to prepare the house for sale since her parents now live in Florida and she has moved to Portland. 
     Gabriel McQueen has come home to visit his seven year-old son and see his parents.  His dad is the sheriff and considers it his job to keep everyone safe even if it means sending Gabriel up the mountain in the teeth of an ice storm to check on a distant neighbor with whom there has been almost no contact for ten years.
     Gabriel is not excited to see Lolly again as they were not exactly friends in high school and Lolly was always considered stuck-up and stand-offish.  However, Gabriel is not about to tell his father "No," so he takes off, thinking it will be only a few hours until he is back.  Once he realizes that Lolly has been taken captive, all his combat training kicks in and the battle is on. 
     Between falling Ice, falling temperatures, falling trees, and falling in love, Gabriel and Lolly have plenty to keep them occupied to say nothing of outwitting a couple of meth addicts. 
     This one will keep you reading to the very end.
     Here are some other books by Linda Howard that I really liked.

Now You See Her (c1998)
Dying to Please (c2002)
Cry No More (c2003)
To Die For (2004)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (c2006)
Up Close and Dangerous (c2007)
Death Angel (c2008)
Burn  (c2009)

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