Thursday, November 4, 2010

The McKettricks (and others) by Linda Lael Miller

     I found Linda Lael Miller by reading Shotgun Bride.  One of my favorite settings for romance books is the Old West and Shotgun Bride was right there.  Then I discovered it was part of a trilogy - High Country Bride, Shotgun Bride, and Secondhand Bride - about the McKettricks of Texas.  I was roped in and went on to read all of the McKettrick series which Miss Miller has continued to enlarge.  The McKettricks are a great read with lots of action and romance.
     Of course, I can read them faster then Miller can write them so I moved on to the Stone Creek series.  I was still ahead of her so I looked to see what else has come from her pen and I discovered Mojo Sheepshanks, her latest heroine.  I also discovered Miss Miller is an extremely versatile writer.  Mojo lives in Arizona, but in 2006, and she is anything but old-fashioned.
     The Mojo Sheepshanks series is modern and funny.  Mojo is a wannabe detective.  The stories are tight, twisty, and great mysteries as well as romances.
     You will always get a great read with Linda Lael Miller!

The McKettricks

   High Country Bride (c2002)
  Shotgun Bride (c2003)
   Secondhand Bride   (c2004)
   McKettrick's Choice   (c2006)
   Sierra's Homecoming   (c2006)
   McKettrick's Luck   (c2007)
   McKettrick's Pride   (c2007)
   McKettrick's Heart   (c2007)
   The McKettrick Way   (c2007)
  A McKettrick Christmas   (c2008)
   McKettricks of Texas: Tate   (c2010)
   McKettricks of Texas: Garrett   (c2010)
   McKettricks of Texas: Austin   (c2010)

Stone Creek Series

   The Man from Stone Creek   (c2006)
   A Wanted Man   (c2007)
   The Rustler   (c2008)
   A Stone Creek Christmas   (c2008)
   The Bridegroom   (c2009)
   At Home in Stone Creek   (c2009)

Mojo Book Series
   Deadly Gamble   (c2006)
   Deadly Deceptions   (c2008)

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