Friday, November 5, 2010

Under the Dome by Stephen King

     Let me begin by stating that I am not a Stephen King fan.  Under the Dome is a book I never thought I would read.  I do not read horror and I do not like fantasy or sci fi.  Then, you ask, why should I post a review of a Stephen King book?  Simple answer - I could not put this book down (and that is saying quite a bit since it is a 1000 page book)!  Since I don't read King, I can't say if this is the best he has written.  I only can speak to this book - and it is a compelling read.
     A dome has fallen over the medium size town of Chester's Mill, Maine.  It has sliced off the hand of a gardener, caused the crash of a small plane which flew into it at full speed, and caused the division of families when some members are caught on the outside.  No one knows where it came from, what it is, or when it will leave.
     Dale Barbara is on the inside.  He is an Iraq vet turned short-order cook trying to leave his military experience behind.  He finds himself teamed up with a few courageous towns people against the current Chester's Mill mayor, Big Jim Rennie.  Big Jim has power and means to extend it.  Big Jim's son has a horrible secret in the pantry and in his head. 
     While "Barby" and Big Jim are on a collision course, it is the dome which is the real adversary.  Time is running out for the residents of Chester's Mill.
     This is really a story about what could happen in a society closed off from the restraints of the larger world.  How far will someone go to retain power?  How courageous are "normal" people?  The mix of people King brings together to save the town is what makes this story real.  The Iraq vet, the town newspaper owner (a woman), three teenagers, and a physician's assistant are just some of the unwilling heroes.
     This is a story that you will remember and find yourself thinking about long after the book is closed.

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