Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spring Creek Bride - Christian Romance

Spring Creek Bride

Spring Creek Bride by Janice Thompson (c2009) is set in Spring Creek, Texas in 1902.  Spring Creek has been invaded by the railroad, bringing saloons and disorderly railroad men to Ida Mueller"s formerly peaceful little town.  Ida doesn't like this disruption and she certainly doesn't like Mick Bradley's plan to build a gambling hall.  Unfortunately, she does like Mick!  This is a nice little read where all the ladies end up with their man and the town ends up better off when Mick decides to stay.  Ida's aunt Dinah is sure that God brought Mick and has a plan for all of them.  Ida comes to understand that she must let God do his work without too much pushing from her. The romance is there but there are no sex scenes in the book.

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