Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mysteries by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George is simply a brilliant writer.  Her mysteries are psychological suspense at its best but what I like is the way her characters grow and evolve.  She is very careful to maintain their individual character as they interact with each other and with the events taking place but you never forget they are human and, therefore, are imperfect.  Since her characters grow with each book, I strongly suggest that the books be read in the order they were writen. I read the third one first and knew immediately that I had missed a great part of the character's lives.  After that I found the first one and read them in order.  It added so much to know the characters and to know what cases they had worked on before.  Like all of us, their involvement with each other and their work added to their knowledge and their compassion.  I have placed the books on this page in order.  I do not have a favorite as each book added another layer to body of work.  They are all available in e-books, paperback and hardcover.

A Great Deliverance  (c1988)
Payment in Blood   (c1989)
Well Schooled in Murder   (1990)
A Suitable Vengeance   (1991)
For the Sake of Elena   (1993)
Missing Joseph   (1994)
Playing for Ashes   (c1995)
In the Presence of the Enemy   (c1996)
Deception on His Mind   (c1997)
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner   (c1999)
A Traitor to Memory   (c2001)
A Place of Hiding    (c2003)
With No One as Witness   (c2005)
What Came Before He Shot Her   (c2006)
Careless in Red   (c2008)
This Body of Death   (c2010)

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