Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts

     Reena Hale, age 12, watched her family's pizzeria go up in smoke.  She had been the one to discover the fire and that flamed her ambition to become a fire investigator.
     She finds satisfaction and personal fulfilment on the arson squad.  Off the job is a different story.  Most men seem to find a soot-covered, assertive woman a turn-off.  Bo Goodnight, however, is a different breed.  He will not be put-off by her job or her personality.  And when the job becomes personal for Reena and it is clear that she is the target, Bo is just as clear that he, too, will stay close.
     As with all Nora Roberts' stories, Blue Smoke (c2005) is well planned, tightly written, and  well paced.  This one will burn up a night of great reading for you.

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